New missile scenarios tossed in the mix in Cyprus

Reports in the Turkish Cypriot press point to a number of different scenarios, as authorities on both sides of the divided island try to learn more about the rogue missile that ended up on Cypriot soil.
According to Cyprus News Agency, experts offered their own assessments to Turkish Cypriot media regarding the missile explosion over Cyprus, Sunday night after midnight. The rocket, widely believed to be a Russian-made S200 surface-to-air missile, broke apart in the air before debris was scattered in different locations and started a fire near Vouno/Tashkent on the foothills of Kyrenia mountains.
Kibris Postasi hosted an opinion by Arda Mevlutoglu, a defense policy expert, who said the missile could have been fired by Syrian air defense against Israeli fighter jets. But Mevlutoglu added it was not clear whether a plane was an actual target. He wondered whether Syrian air...

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