Western Balkans Summit Debates Underway in Poznań

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva participated in a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Berlin Process. The initiative was launched in August 2014.

Participants in the process are the countries of the Western Balkans and EU Member States, including Bulgaria.

Foreign Ministers, Defense and Economy of the Berlin Process countries will meet in several formats.

The joint presidency of our country and the Republic of Northern Macedonia is also expected today. The initiative is launched in 2014, and its participants are the Western Balkan countries with major EU leaders.

What actually builds on the Berlin Process beyond the Enlargement theme is precisely the inclusion of young people, scientists and businesses in the decision-making process.

About 16:00 local time, our foreign minister Ekaterina Zaharieva will also give an official press conference on the forum's decisions.

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