Turkey Is in the Top 10 Countries to Live and Work in

Turkey ranks seventh in the world for the expats - foreign specialists who do not work in their own country. This shows data from the Expat Explorer survey, commissioned by HSBC Bank.

The survey, which is held for the 12th consecutive year, was attended by over 18,000 people from 163 countries.

In the online poll, analysts have asked participants to assess the quality of life in the country in which they work on the following parameters: an opportunity to acquire new habits, a work-life balance, employment guarantees, profit prospects.

62% of foreign workers surveyed in Turkey have indicated an increase in quality of life compared to living standards in their own countries.

52% said they had the opportunity to spend much more time on their careers, their hobbies and their families, 55% - they satisfy their wishes, in particular the purchase of a better home or car and 69% felt secure and noted hospitality of the local population.

In addition, 60% of foreign workers report improving the work-life balance compared to their own countries.

59% of expats have said they have expanded their ability to travel and 57% have indicated the acquisition of new habits such as diving, culinary, language learning.

72% of foreigners working in Turkey point out the rich historical and cultural heritage of this country. And 58% of expats like the good and quality food.

The top ten is ranked as follows: Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, UAE, Vietnam.

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