Former CIA Chief on why there is no solution to the problem of Kosovo and Metohija

Former CIA Deputy Director for the Balkan Steven Meyer stated for daily "Danas" that is it necessary that Belgrade and Prishtina representatives sit at a table and discuss final solution for Kosovo, without the presence of great powers.
"Several plans were mentioned and proposed and nothing happened, and the main reason for that is the involvement of great powers", Meyer says, underlying that Thaci, Haradinaj and Vucic are very powerful leaders.
He assessed that main goal of Serbian President is EU accession and that he is willing to sacrifice Kosovo for this goal.
"Vucic is highly determined when it comes to EU and that's fine. Within EU, only Germans care about the solution, while France, Great Britain, Netherlands and Italy do not care, as long as it is peaceful way of solving it. They will accept Belgrade and Prishtina mutual agreement. On the other hand, Washington wants to be actively involved and take part in the negotiations".
He called Brussels agreement "dead", as any other preceding it.
"I know that some of my friends here believe that Kosovo will belong to Serbia again, maybe in a century or so, but I don't think so. Perhaps, a part of it might belong to Serbia again, but not the whole territory of Kosovo as it might bring into the question the issue of Republic of Srpska", Meyer concluded.
Meyer assessed that current Brussels strategy to start with minor issues, thus avoiding status issues, proved to be wrong.
"Prishtina makes any progress difficult by imposing tariffs, and by refusing to establish Community of Serbian municipalities, which is important issue within Brussels agreement", Meyer told "Danas".
When final solution is concerned, Meyer is confident that it is realistic that northern part of...

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