Haradinaj lied to Brnabic; Vulin, General and Colonels banned from entering Kosovo

It has been proved again that Ramush Haradinaj lied, the statement says, adding that the delegation was not allowed to visit Clinical Medical Center in Kosovska Mitrovica.
Just as a reminder, few days ago, media in Serbia had reported that Pristina reached decision to ban all Serb's officials from entering Kosovo. However, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic had stated afterwards that Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj informed her that this was fake news.
In the response from Pristina, it is just stated that "they are not in a position to grant this request". "It is again proved that Ramush Haradinaj does not speak the truth", the statement concludes.
Pristina had again breached Brussels agreement, adding to the list of officials medical personnel, along with Minister Vulin.
Ministry specifies that this visit was strictly humanitarian and that representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Military Medical Academy (VMA) wanted to discuss with the management of Kosovska Mitrovica Health Center the ways of improving cooperation this medical institution had established with VMA for the last six years, along with discussing further support to this medical center where both Serbs and Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija are being treated.
Delegation was headed by Minister Vulin, accompanied by Chief of the Military Medical Administration, Brigadier General Dr Sci. Med. Ugljesa Jovicic and representatives of VMA - Chief of VMA, Colonel Prof. Dr Miroslav Vukosavljevic and Head of the Treatment Department, Assistant Professor Dr Sci. Med. Nenad Ratkovic.

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