Is Kamnik the World Microbrew Capital?

I grew up in the United States but have been an expat for decades. My adopted hometown of Kamnik, population 13,000, nestled at the foot of the Alps and featuring three castles, can make a claim being the beer capital of Slovenia.

The town boasts four microbreweries (more, if we consider the greater Kamnik area), the largest of them are Maister Brewery and Mali Grad Brewery. They are indeed micro, but the quantity of them in one small alpine town is distinctive. In addition to these two larger microbreweries, you can find Menin'c (run by a farmer who grows his own hops) and Barut (run by a team of chemists who use very exotic, experimental methods and ingredients, like wild yeast). There is also Mister, which brews at the Mali Grad brewery, but from its own recipes, and whose owner hosts a weekly vlog on adventures in microbrewing. 

Just why there are so many...

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