Eurostat Confirmed: Bulgarians Are under 7 Million

The population of Bulgaria has fallen below 7 million since last year and continues to decrease. This is the latest data from an Eurostat analysis according to which the number of Bulgaria's inhabitants was 6 957 642 in 2018. A few months ago, the National Statistical Institute shared similar data.

The number of young Bulgarians in Bulgaria aged under 15 in the past year was 996 thousand or 14.3% of the total population.

Bulgarians aged 14-64 were 4 494 937 or a share of 64.4% of the population. Bulgarians aged over 65 were 1 466 652, or 21% This number is with nearly 470 thousand more than the young Bulgarians.

According to Eurostat's analysis, nearly 13,000 citizens from EU countries live in Bulgaria. In this category the share of children under 15 is about 500, the number of adults aged between 15-64 - 9 134 and over 65 - 3 465.

The number of non-EU members living in our country is significantly higher - 70,920. Children under 15 in this age category are 7,558, people aged 15-64 are 53,335 and over 65 - almost 10,000.

According to official NSI data as from December 31st, the population in Bulgaria is 7 000 039 people, which represents only 1.4 % of the EU population. The native statistics also report that compared to the previous 2017, the Bulgarians have melted by 49 995 people or by 0.7%.

NSI estimates for the population in the country for the next half-century report that in 2020 the number of Bulgarians is expected to be 6,942,142, after 10 years in 2030 - about 6,5 million, in 2045 to decrease below 6 million Bulgarians, and exactly after half a century - 5,791,137 people.

About 512 million were EU residents last year, with the top five countries with the largest population headed by Germany - 83 million,...

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