Germany Extradites Jailed Yugoslav Spy Chief to Croatia

Josip Perkovic was flown from Germany to Croatia on Thursday on a regular Croatia Airlines flight accompanied by plainclothes policemen, local media reported.

After landing, he was immediately taken to Remetinec prison in Zagreb, where he will be held while it is decided where he will serve the rest of his 30-year sentence.

Perkovic, alongside his former superior Zdravko Mustac, was sentenced to life in prison in August 2016 for abetting the murder of émigré Stjepan Djurekovic in 1983.

Djurekovic was killed in a garage in Wolfsrathausen near Munich, where he printed anti-Yugoslav propaganda material.

Mustac headed the Croatian branch of the Yugoslav State Security Service at the time, while Perkovic was chief of its department responsible for émigrés.

Both of them appealed against their convictions, but the appeals were dismissed by the German Supreme Court in May last year.

In December, Zagreb County Court decided to convert the life sentence handed down in Germany to Perkovic for abetting the murder of a Croatian émigré to 30 years in jail. The court reduced the sentence because Croatia's criminal code does not include life imprisonment and prescribes a maximum jail term of 40 years.

Mustac is still in prison in Germany and it is expected that he will be returned to Croatia as well. In April this year, Velika Gorica County Court decided to reduce his life sentence to 40 years in jail.

Mustac's defence launched a case against Croatia at the European Court of Human Rights over his extradition to Germany on a European arrest warrant. The defence claimed he should not have been extradited because the statute of limitations had expired.

Late last year, both Perkovic and Mustac sued Germany at the European Court...

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