President Ilir Meta: ‘Albanians have made their choice to join EU’

Albania is in the grips of a deep constitutional and institutional crisis driven by a deliberate plot to hijack the state in the service of vested interests, the country's president, Ilir Meta, tells Kathimerini in an interview.

Amid mounting international concern over the escalation of political tension that threatens to turn the Balkan country into a hotbed of instability and dampen its prospects for European Union membership, Meta is asked to comment on his acrimonious relationship with Prime Minister Edi Rama, on the possibility of his being ousted from the presidency and on the burgeoning drug trade in his country.

Reading some of your more recent interviews, you tend to give the impression that Albania is on the brink of disaster. Is this accurate?

Albania is a modest country, with still a very young European population, with...

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