Serbian Politician: Bulgarian Intelligence Officers Hinder Agreement with Kosovo

A team of intelligence officers, including Bulgarians, is trying to block an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia and works against the interests of Belgrade. This is what Serbian parliamentary committee for Kosovo, Milovan Drecun, said in an interview with Serbian newspaper Kurir. According to him, the team is based in Skopje.

The team of scouts from Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Germany and Albania was created two months ago and works undercover in a West European car factory, Milovan Drecun says. Drecun is a member of the Serbian Progressive Party, one of the closest associates of President Alexander Vucic and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

In the Kurir newspaper interview, Drecun claims that a neighboring country is campaigning against a compromise between Pristina and Belgrade, and Macedonia has become a center of powerful intelligence activity against Serbia's interests.

The solution to the problem between Kosovo and Serbia is the basis for the stability of the region, says Derecun, and the failure of the negotiations between the two countries is preparing for a new conflict in the Balkans and creating Greater Albania.

Relations between Serbia and Kosovo are at their lowest point because of Pristina's 100 percent duty for Serbian goods. Negotiations between the two countries have been blocked because of trade barriers.

Last week, the foreign ministers of Albania and Kosovo signed an agreement to unify and coordinate foreign policies and co-use Albanian embassies. This move provoked sharp criticism from Belgrade and Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic accused Tirana and Pristina of their ultimate goal of uniting in one country.

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