The Number of Employed People in Bulgaria Exceeds Registered Unemployed in the First 6 Months of 2019

In the first six months of the year, the number of people who started work exceeds the number of those who are registered as unemployed, the Employment Agency reports. For the period, 123,410 unemployed registered in the Labor Offices have started work. For this period, the number of employed on the labor market compared to the number of registered unemployed increased by 1.1 percentage points compared to the first half of the previous year 2018.

in June 19,898 unemployed started work , with 82.2% of them in the real economy. Another 689 people from the retirees and students also found their new job.

At the same time, the trend for decreasing the registered unemployment rate in the country remains in June, with the level of 5.2% in the middle of the year, according to data from the agency. There is a decrease of 0.1 percentage points compared to the previous month and by 0.5 percentage points on an annual basis.

At the end of the month the registered unemployed in the labor offices were 169 659 people, with the decrease compared to May by 5740. Compared to June 2018, they are by 18 917 less.

Newly registered unemployed in June were 21 404, of which 1708 were inactive, ie. they were neither employed nor students nor looking for a job. 

The work of the Labor Offices continues to include more and more employed, students and retirees among whom employers also rely on finding their cadres, the agency said. A total of 647 people from these groups were registered during the month as jobseekers.

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