The Alleged Hacker Behind the Bulgarian NRA Attack Spoke

The hacker who is behind the cyber attack against the NRA has sent a letter to the media. On Monday, it was understood that 5 million Bulgarian's data was revealed from the Agency's system, NOVA wrote.

The e-mail begins as follows: "Hello and thank you for making the public discussion happening ... I only send this email to bTV, NOVA and" Capital "because I only saw real journalism from these media. Yesterday, a NOVA journalist wrote and asked three questions. I'm glad to reveal details of this breach so your corrupt government does not lie to you. "

"Data spill has been going on for 11 years.

If your corrupt government reveals the vulnerable system, you will be able to see this information in the Web Archive (Web Wayback Machine). The data is hacked in 2012, too. Nobody then realized that we were able to infiltrate 30 GB of information. " This writes in the email the hacker who committed the attack.

The hacker reveals that he is a Russian citizen married to a Bulgarian.

"My wife's parents live in Bulgaria, and with my own eyes I have seen how much your state is screwed up,"

writes the man.

"Your stupid judges will find nothing. They will just conceal the truth. If this happens, I will personally upload the information in Russian and Bulgarian torrent trackers, so everyone can download it freely. If the media I contact is publishing false information, I will uncover two more datasets - again from the Ministry of Finance, "the e-mail said. It was sent from an email address other than the one from which the hacked data was received.

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