5 Interesting Food Festivals from Around the World

Peika.bg has prepared a list of 5 culinary festivals that all culinary tourists would definitely like to visit.

See who they are:

1. St. Anthony's Day in Lisbon - Portugal

Every year in June, this Lisbon festival honors St. Anthony of Padua, its most revered Patron Saint, with a holiday, lavish street celebrations and huge block party, with sardines and basil being the main part of them. From July 12-13, over 50 street events give a festive atmosphere to the beautiful historic districts of Alfama, Castelo and Madragoa. Long tables of street vendors sell beer and sangria for everyone to enjoy. The air is filled with the aroma of grilled sardines, which are the main food that is consumed during this colourful celebration.


2. The Asparagus Festival in Schwetzingen, Germany

There is hardly any other place where asparagus are as honored and loved as in Germany. Baden-Württemberg, however, is a leader in the cultivation of white asparagus that is magnified by connoisseurs because of its delicate taste. Schwetzingen, located in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg, around 10 km southwest of Heidelberg and 15 km southeast of Mannheim, prides itself as The Asparagus Town. There is also the annual celebration, which is held in May, with music and a ceremony for the designation of a new Queen of Asparagus.


3. The Truffle Festival in Piedmont, Italy

This fall festival in Piedmont features fine wines, exquisite wines, the rare and prized white truffle (that can only grow in nature) and much more to tempt the taste buds. The rich harvest of premium truffles has brought exceptional glory to the town of Alba in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Every autumn...

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