"I've heard that Haradinaj advocates disruption of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue"

Still, he added, this suspension cannot last long.
In the interview for the Voice of America, Veseli said that the resolution of Kosovo issue lies in Serbian recognition of Kosovo's independence as, as he said "sovereign state of Kosovo within existing borders". In return, "Kosovo will recognize the Republic of Serbia".
He considers this as "a new era, an era of cooperation and communication".
"It would make it easier for us and Serbia, two decades after the liberation of Kosovo. Serbia is perfectly aware of the fact that it had lost Kosovo", said Veseli, who believes that the international community must, as he says," help Serbia accept this reality ".
He adds that he heard Ramush Haradinaj now advocates an interruption of the dialogue with Belgrade, but that he had different standpoint on this.
"We will sit at a table with Serbia whenever the United States and the European Union tell us to do so. But we will not accept any agreement that violates our sovereignty and territorial integrity", said Veseli, confirming that there are conceptual differences within the ruling coalition pertaining to the issue of tariffs on Serbian products and resumption of the dialogue with Belgrade.

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