Authorities identify suspect detained for Eaton murder

Police yesterday identified a 27-year-old man who is charged with the murder of 59-year-old US biologist Suzanne Eaton on Crete earlier this month.

The man, who was identified as Ioannis Paraskakis, is said to have admitted to raping Eaton on July 2 after hitting her twice with his car and then disposing of her in a former German WWII bunker near the port of Hania.

According to a statement by the Greek Police, the identification of the suspect is aimed at "protection society as a whole" but also determining whether he may have committed other crimes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hania police on 28210 25802.

Suzanne Eaton's body was found in the bunker near the settlement of Xamoudochori, in Hania, on July 8, nearly a week after she was last seen by friends. She had been on the island to attend a conference.

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