"Dirty laundry should be kept away from the foreign statesmen"

Moreover, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic showed no dignity either, in front of the foreign statesman.
"Basic good manners dictates that dirty laundry, if there is any, should be kept inside the house. We have to stop with this provincial and humiliating habit of complaining to foreigners on each other", Jovanovic told daily Blic.
He added that Serbian President also lacked good manners and dignity as he "commented on the Serbian opposition in an ironic and negative way" in front of the French President Emmanuel Macron.
"Whatever the parties in power and opposition parties in Serbia are, they are ours, and within the country we can criticize them strongly, but these are our internal affairs and as such, do not concern foreigners," leader of Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) concluded.

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