Missiles, Governments and Separatists


Few European countries have seen the same levels of combined economic and political turmoil as Greece over the last decade. Thankfully, Greece seems to be coming out of the turbulent years, but as it does so, will its economy be able to accelerate forward or remain stuck in limbo?

Many observers have high expectations that the new centre-right government will implement reforms that could help unlock economic growth. Yet, as Gezmend Capllani notes in his comment for Balkan Insight, the new government's flirtation with populist nationalism and anti-immigrant rhetoric should be cause for concern.

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Turbulence Ahead

Croatian Ministers together with PM Andrej Plenkovic pose to the media after Croatian Parliament established them at Croatian Parliament in October 2016. Photo: EPA/Daniel Kasap

The Croatian government of Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has, over the years, been rocked by a steady trickle of scandals and ministerial resignations. None have been major enough to force the entire HDZ-led government to step down, but they have certainly ended some ministerial careers.

A wider cabinet reshuffle is now under way. The Plenkovic government is likely to survive, but the real challenge for Plenkovic and the HDZ will come in the first half of 2020, when the ruling party holds internal elections for the leadership. With deep rifts between Plenkovic's more moderate faction and a more right-wing faction, analysts argue that the greatest risk to the HDZ government's stability - as well as the party's 2020 (re-)election prospects - comes from the HDZ itself.

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