Suspect Arrested for NRA Hacker Attack Released from Detention

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has set a measure for Kristian Boykov, requiring him to report in person every day to the authorities. He was accused of a computer crime, but was released from the detention facility, the Prosecutor's office said on July 18, reports BNT. 

The reasons for applying the lightest measure of remand include collection of additional evidence in the case, justifying an amendment of the charges to a lighetr punishable offense - under Art. 319 b paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code. It was found that Boykov illegally copied computer data from a NRA server, but the act was committed against an information system that is not part of the critical infrastructure. This was stated in a letter from the NRA, received today in the Prosecutor's office.

Boykov's lack of previous criminal record, his good character and young age were taken into acccount.

Boykov was released from the detention facility in compliance with the orders of Sofia Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation on the case is on-going.

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