Dangerous Bulk Ice Cream on the Streets

Samples taken by the Active Users Association show that the ice cream which is sold on the street may be dangerous. In 4 of 11 samples was found the Escherichia Coli bacteria.

In the summer heats, the NGO decided to check out the quality of ice cream which sold outdoors in the central Sofia streets. For this purpose, a secret client buys the icy temptation. In the fastest way, the sample is placed in a sterile container and left for a food analysis lab.

"We are talking about bulk ice cream. This is most common in the parks and is quite popular among children. Very often sellers use a large spoon to put ice cream. Typically, it is held in a jar of water. This way is a very good environment for the development of many bacteria, "said Dr. Sergei Ivanov from" Active Users in the morning show Hello, Bulgaria ".

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