Suzanne Eaton’s beautiful logic

Suzanne Eaton's murder on Crete has been on my mind and in my heart from the moment we learned that the missing American scientist with the lovely smile and penetrating gaze was the victim of a brutal, random crime. The perpetrator, a local 27-year-old man who came upon her as she was jogging on a country road near the conference that she was attending. If she had seen him coming in his shabby white sedan, she might have waved and smiled. I think of her smile, so as not to think of what followed.
The story has affected many people at many levels. Perhaps because of who Suzanne Eaton was: a renowned scientist, an American biologist living and working in Germany. She was known, respected and loved by many, as the outpouring of sorrow, incomprehension and anger across the world has shown. She was not one of the anonymous women who fall victim to violent men so often, whose deaths...

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