Bosnian Serb Schoolbooks to Teach Same War History as Serbia

Republika Srpska is ready to introduce new history textbooks for high school pupils which will include the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of an ongoing project to unify school curriculums with Serbia, the entity's education ministry told BIRN.

"In elementary schools in Republika Srpska from September 2018, a new textbook for the ninth grade was introduced and from the next school year, 2019-20, a new textbook for third- and fourth-grade grammar schools will be in use in which the topic of the civil war in Bosnia will be one of the themes," the Republika Srpska ministry told BIRN in a written statement.

The previous history textbooks in Republika Srpska only included a few general facts about the war.

The ministry also said that the Pedagogical Institutes of Serbia and Republika Srpska are working on the harmonisation of content for the so-called 'national' set of subjects in the curriculum - language, history, geography and knowledge of nature and society.

'National' subjects are taught differently in Bosnian schools according to pupils' ethnicity, depending on whether they are Bosniak, Croat or Serb.

Concerns were raised last year when the project began last year that Republika Srpska's move to unify its school curriculum with Serbia was a nationalist move aimed at creating a homogeneous Serb identity.

The OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina said it welcomes regional co-operation as a way of furthering reconciliation and mutual understanding, but warned that the reform of history teaching is a long, sensitive and complicated process in post-conflict societies.

"Including content related to the events between 1992 and 1995 is an important issue for responsible education authorities to address, but it...

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