Haradinaj resigned on Friday, only to resume his PM's duty on Sunday

As he explained, he offered his resignation as he was summoned by the Court in the Hague, as war crime suspect. He said that he wants to go there as citizen and former KLA member, not as Prime Minister. But, on Sunday, Haradinaj resumed his PM duties in Orahovac, on the occasion of revealing the monument of Sheik Muhedin Shehu, Koha Ditore writes.
In the report from Kosovo PM's Office regarding this event, Haradinaj's resignation given on Friday is not mentioned at all, while Haradinaj addressed gathered journalists in his PM capacity, Pristina daily reports.
Although, legally speaking, Haradinaj hadn't breached the law, there are some people in Pristina who consider the overall situation with Haradinaj and his resignation political manipulation.
Analyst Beluj Beqaj stated for Koha that Kosovo Prime Minister had used the means of propaganda and manipulation in order to strengthen his position. Still, he mentioned that Haradinaj can continue performing his role of Prime Minister as long as the Parliament acknowledges his resignation.

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