There are over 500 Mountain Rescuers in Bulgaria, 90% of them are Volunteers

The Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) has over 500 rescuers, over 90% of whom are volunteers, the head of the MRS Training Centre, Koko Dimov, told Focus Radio.
In his words, every full-time rescuer has started as a volunteer. The training courses are divided into winter and summer ones, lasting for eight days. They take place in Vitosha near Aleko and the applicants must pass five exam stages. "One stage checks their ski skills. Their knowledge of medicine and general physiology are also checked, as well as their orientation skills and working with a map and compass. Knowledge of geography related to the location of mountains, countryside, etc. is also tested. These are general things, but they are of great importance," Dimov explained.
Specialised courses for full-time life rescuers take place at a later stage, he said.

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