The Inclusion of a "Purchase Price" in the Receipt Is Anti-European

The inclusion of "purchase price" in the receipts is contrary to the founding principles of the European Union. This was stated by the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association during a meeting with ambassadors of the Western countries.

At the initiative of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association a meeting was held between members of the Management Board of the Association and ambassadors and representatives of the embassies of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania and Greece in Bulgaria. The meeting was hosted by the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria.

At the meeting members of the BPGA informed the representatives of the diplomatic missions about their concerns regarding the entry into force on 01.10.2019 of the texts of Regulation H-18 of the Minister of Finance and the possible negative consequences that would result from this.

According to the texts of that date, a new purchase price must be added to the cash notes issued at gas stations.

According to the BPGA, such a requirement would be contrary to the EU's underlying principles as well as the rules of fair competition applicable in the Union.

The purchase price is a trade secret guaranteed by international, European and national law. The illumination of such information could lead to a distortion of competition between commercial operators, which is not beneficial neither to consumers nor to the traders and, in general, to the Bulgarian economy.

The introduction of such a rule would affect not only the national market but also the Union trade in fuels, as many European companies are supplying intra-Community supplies on the territory of the country.

In fact, declaring a purchase price does not provide objective additional consumer...

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