"Serbia is under pressure, while Pristina is praised. We are running out of patience"

Serbian Foreign Affairs Chief added that we can expect new arrivals of international officials to Serbia at the end of August, offering new initiatives concerning Kosovo issue. Dacic reiterated that USA avoid exerting pressure on Serbia as they are aware that the problem is not in Belgrade, but in Pristina.
''John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the United States' President, shared this with me on a very successful meeting we conducted, which presents major change in US standpoint", Foreign Affairs Minister stated on TV Pink.
He underlined that big powers rarely change their strategic orientation, noticing that so-called "autopilot-guided" policy caused major damage to the US interests in the region.
Dacic had stated that France and its President Emmanuel Macron expressed willingness to take part in the resolve of Kosovo issue, adding that Macron's visit to Serbia was extraordinary.
"Members of his Cabinet hadn't still managed to process their impressions from Serbia's visit, as it overcome all their expactations", Dacic concluded.
While mentioning the issue of Belgrade and Pristina, Dacic stated that Serbia is being pressured to be constructive, to stop lobbying for the withdrawal of Kosovo's independence recognition, and preventing Kosovo from entering into international organizations, while in the same time, Pristina is being praised for establishing diplomatic relations with Antigua and Barbuda.
"We cannot restrain ourselves anymore. We continue on advocating the withdrawal of Kosovo recognition", Dacic said.
He announced that Kosovo is going to apply for membership into the Council of Europe, and Serbia had to be prepared for different scenarios regarding this particular matter.
In this respect, we need to...

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