Caracal criminal case: Opoportunity of a referendum for radical punishments, life imprisonment, chemical castration

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă on Saturday night wrote on her Facebook page that albeit her appeal to the political class to not try to confiscate the Caracal tragedy and turn it into an attack topic, "this appeal to respect, maturity and compassion was not honoured". She added that "we are talking about the opportunity of calling a referendum for the implementation of radical punishments for murderers, rapists and pedophiles, such as life imprisonment or chemical castration. These measures need a people's approval ahead of being enforced. Can't you see it necessary a public consultation to introduce such measures? Don't you find it normal that they are only adopted with the Romanian citizens' approval?" she posted on her Facebook page. * * * "It is exactly the PSD (Social Democratic Party) today headed by Viorica Dancila alongside the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) that systematically acted in favour of the criminals by changing the laws, so that (former PSD leader) Liviu Dragnea could escape his imprisonment, the one who said publicly "I'm apologizing to the Romanians in jails." Dancila did not take the distance at any moment clearly and without denial from all the politics the PSD has led to protect the criminals, against the honest Romanians. Let us remember the Compensatory Appeal Law that was promoted by the two ruling parties PSD and ALDE and eventually adopted, despite the protests and criticism of the Opposition, of the civil society, of the professional organisations," the PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Ludovic Orban said in a release sent on Saturday to AGERPRES. * * * "The Special Telecommunications Service (STS) carried out on the night of Friday and on Saturday an internal analysis on the observance of the attributions of the Emergency number 112 operators with the STS, on the way they fulfilled the provisions of the operation handbook and the 112 Service functionality. Following the internal check, we want to confirm once again that the provisions regarding the operation were observed and that no lack of attention, oversight, syncope or technical flaws of the equipment or services occurred, as regards the way of using the Emergency number 112 appeals," a release by the STS on Saturday night reads. * * * The Home Affairs Minister Nicolae Moga on Friday night said he had sacked the Romanian Police head Ioan Buda, following the way the case of the teenager was dealt with, and on Saturday night he announced that the Caracl city's Police head and deputy chief were also released from jobs. * * * A few thousands of persons on Saturday night have partaken in the Revolution Square in Bucharest in a protest in front of the Home Affairs Ministry to show their dissatisfaction to the way the authorities have dealt with the case of teenager Alexandra, who had announced at the Emergency number 112 that she was sequestered by a man, yet the authrorities have made it to the man's home about 19 hours later. The protesters have chanted "Resignation, Resignation", "Down with Gov't", "Alexandra", "10 August", "Murderers", "Den of thieves and mobsters", "Children murderers". * * * The representative of the civil society in the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM) Victor Alistar says in a release on Saturday night that the "criminal-like stiff, incompetent and defiant reaction of the police officers and justices" implicated in the case of Alexandra Macesanu, the teenager who has disappeared in Caracal, binds to an alarm signal toward the "lack of interest of the state and its clerks as regards the citizens' safety and rights and also toward the human condition, in general," and never forgets to refer to the "state that is watching us, but never safeguarding us". * * * A 15-year-old girl of the Dobrosloveni commune, Olt County, Alexandra Macesanu, has disappeared on Wednesday as she was hitchhiking for the southern city of Caracal. The teenager called the Emergency number 112 thrice, saying she had been kidnapped by a man, yet the authorities didn't manage to identify her whereabouts. The investigators kicked off the home search at the 66-year-old suspect only on Friday morning, about 19 hours since the girl's phone calls.AGERPRES(RO - authors: Cristina Matei, Daniel Popescu, editors: Marius Fratila, Andreea Rotaru; EN - author, editor: Maria Voican)

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