Bosnians Protest Against Croatia’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Plan

Bosnians gathered in front of the Croatian embassy in Sarajevo on Monday, protesting over possible plans being mulled by neighbouring Croatia to build a landfill site for radioactive waste at Trgovska Gora, near the border with Bosnia.

They say over 300,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be endangered by the possible construction of the landfill. Trgovska Gora is located just north of the Bosnian border, near the town of Novi Grad.

Croatia adopted strategic documents at the end of last year naming the area as a potential location for dumping nuclear waste from the Krsko nuclear power plant.

No final decision has been made yet. But Croatia needs to take over half of the nuclear waste from the power plant, which lies in Slovenia, by 2023. The plant was a joint venture of the two republics when both were part of former Yugoslavia.

After media reported in 2015 that Trgovska Gora was one of four possible locations for a storage site, nearby municipalities in both Bosnia and Croatia launched campaigns to block the plan.

Maida Sabeta, from "Climate Save Bosnia", the organization that organized the protests, told media that not enough work had been done to assess whether the location was safe.

"No environmental impact assessment has been carried out in a cross-border context, and no consideration had been given to what kind of danger there may be. Experts from Bosnia, but also from Croatia, have concluded that this site … poses a great danger to Bosnian citizens," she said.

Bosnian government officials share these concerns. The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Mirko Sarovic, on Monday said the dangers to the public were unknown.

"It is legitimate for Bosnia to raise its voice because the danger is...

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