Britain's black farce offers lessons to Slovenia

In the latest episode: a tiny and utterly unrepresentative electorate of elderly, middle-class right-wingers chooses whether the country should be led by an adulterous serial liar - or an opportunistic geography dunce. Comedy does not get much darker than that.
How we got here is not exactly a secret. But for me, it started in Slovenia. I was in Ljubljana on 24 June 2016, the day after the fateful vote which transformed Britain from an influential voice in this region to a gibbering irrelevance.
The idea was to hoover up soundbites from the European heads of state who were gathering in the city to mark Slovenia's 25 years of independence. I had also lined up an interview with the then-prime minister, Miro Cerar. All of this was arranged on the assumption that the UK would be remaining in the European Union - with the leaders making the appropriate noises of approval.

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