Media: Kosovo police ban people with Serbian passports to enter Kosovo and Metohija

RTS got those information from the Kosovo Police.
According to the decision of Border Police, the persons carrying personal IDs and photo document for children are allowed to enter Kosovo.
Border Police implemented this decision without providing consent from the Kosovo Interior Minister, circumventing the usual procedure of informing the public about the measure.
The decision of the Border Police came into effect on Monday and would affect citizens of central Serbia travelling to Albania and Montenegro via Kosovo who had only passports as identification documents.
The police said that the measure is in line with the Brussels Agreement signed in 2011. However, the agreement didn't ban the usage of passports as single travelling documents, RTS finds out.
On the administrative border crossings between Kosovo and Metohija and Central Serbia, several families with children, along with the individuals carrying only passports of the Republic of Serbia, were turned back, RTS reports.

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