Fifor: Heroes' sacrifice, not futile; we have to bequeath united, independent, sovereign country

Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Fifor said on Tuesday evening in a speech before the Mausoleum in Marasesti, where events dedicated to the memory of the WWI heroes were held, that their sacrifice was not in vain and that it is our responsibility to bequeath to the next generations a united, independent and sovereign country. "We thank you for the country you bequeathed us at the price of your life, a country that is united, independent, proud and sovereign. We can assure you, our dear and great ancestors, that your sacrifice was not and will not be futile. We understand the responsibility you transferred to our shoulders, because, in our turn, we have to bequeath to those who come after us an equally powerful, pride and independent country," said Fifor. He mentioned that WWI led to the accomplishment of the December 1, 1918 Greater Union, but that was done with the supreme sacrifice of over 200,000 soldiers who died on the battlefield, over 130,000 soldiers who died in prison camps, to which the civilian population killed by sickness, hunger or executed by occupation troops should be added. Fifor also mentioned that 102 years since the most "brilliant victories" of the Romanian Army during the Great War, "our world and region are unfortunately not much quieter; rules are not much clearer , and the sources of tension in the security area are not less," but what is different now from back then is first of all the fact that Romania is no longer facing "identity dilemmas" and is not subjected, as a century ago to some "existential pressures." "Our alliances are clear and solid. The status of our country within the strongest political and military organisation in history is a lasting one. (...) We are today a country enjoying full rights in Europe, a member of the strongest alliance in the world, with an army capable of fulfilling its constitutional missions," said Fifor. He also paid tribute to all the soldiers who lost their lives in combat missions carried out during the wars, including in war zones. Fifor commended the local administration of Vrancea, in particular the County Council, for their efforts to organise the series of commemorative events dubbed "Heroic Vrancea." "I want to convey a special thought of gratitude and appreciation to the local administration of Vrancea, to Mr Chairman of the Vrancea County Council, Marian Oprisan, who managed to restore the sanctuaries in which the heroes of the Romanian nation, people from Marasesti, Focsani, Marasti and Soveja, insisting year after year on organising these soul-uplifting pilgrimages, to bring light to the fallen, to lay a flower and say a prayer for their rest. It i proof, Mr Chairman Oprisan, that the motto etched at the entrance to this mausoleum - 'For the glory of the Nation's Heroes' - is and will be piously preserved in the consciousness of the generation we represent and those who come after us," said Fifor. AGERPRES (RO-author: Oana Malina Negrea, editor: Karina Olteanu; EN -author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Rodica State)

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