Liberal Roman proposes that elected not be allowed to run contracts with state during office

Liberal deputy Florin Roman proposes that all candidates for a position of mayor, local councilor, county councilor, county council president, MP, MEP or to the Romanian presidency submit an affidavit that they do not have and will not run contracts with the state during the term of office. "I have submitted a legislative proposal regarding the amendment and completion of some normative acts in electoral matters. By this draft law I am amending four laws - the Law on the election of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the Law on the election of the president, the Law on the election of the authorities of the local public administration and the Law on the elections to the European Parliament. I propose, by this legislative initiative, that all the candidates who join the race for the presidential election, deputy, senator, MEP, county councilor, local councilor, mayor, president of county council, to fill in, upon submitting the candidacy, an affidavit that he/she has no contracts with the state nor will he/she conclude contracts with the state during the exercise of the mandate of choice," Florin Roman told a press conference, in Alba Iulia, on Wednesday. The deputy mentioned that, at present, every candidate signs an affidavit of acceptance of the candidacy, a wealth statement, a declaration of interests and a declaration that he/she did not cooperate with the Securitate (Communist political police, ed.n.). "The proposal is for this additional statement to be added, that they do not carry out contracts with the state. The reason is very simple: there is the suspicion that you use your public position to benefit, through the company in which you are a shareholder or in which you have an interest, to run business with the state. I think it is a step forward towards normalization, towards morality and I believe that any politician should not do business with the state. You choose: either you do politics or you do business with the state. They don't go together. You can do with the private milieu,there is no problem, but any business with the state raises great questions about the use of the public position you have," said the deputy. He added that there are such situations in all political parties, according to declarations of wealth and interests.AGERPRES(RO - author: Marinela Brumar, editor: Oana Popescu; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)

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