Mass renouncing of the citizenship of so-called Kosovo

A total of 5,481 people had renounced their Kosovo citizenship in 2018, a majority of them now living in Germany, Austria and Slovenia.
Kossev reiterates that last November, Koha had published data that since the declaration of independence more than 45.000 citizens of Kosovo had renounced their citizenship. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Province claimed back then that around 5.000 people renounce its citizenship on annual basis, but that this "phenomenon" is happening due to the fact that certain EU countries do not allow dual citizenship to the non-EU citizens.
Kosovo's officials denied that this phenomenon was caused by the fact that visa liberalization was not granted to Kosovo.
According to statistics, in the period from January 1 to July 31, 2019, a total of 305 people had filed a request for being granted Kosovo citizenship, while last year, this request was filed by 638 persons, mainly coming from the neighboring countries.

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