Bosnia Activists Mark More Wartime ‘Suffering Sites’

As part of an initiative called "Unmarked Suffering Sites", a group of peace activists in July put up nine more signs at new locations where they say war crimes occurred, either through capture, physical and mental violence or forced labour.

The activists erected signs near the Kazani pit on Mt Trebevic, into which a number of bodies of dead Bosnian Serbs were thrown by members of the Tenth Brigade of the Bosnian Army, the Kon Tiki or Kod Sonje boarding house in Vogosca, as well as a bunker behind the same building, which served as a detention facility for men and women - the women were mainly held at the house, while the men stayed in the bunker.

They also posted memorial signs at Veliki Park in Sarajevo, the Butmir Penal and Correctional Facility, better known as Kula, in Eastern Sarajevo, and at the Musala sports hall in Konjic, which was used as a detention facility for Bosnian Serbs and Croats during the 1992-5 war.

In the southern city of Mostar, they put up a sign at the Bijeli Brijeg stadium, as well as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering, which during the war served as the headquarters for the military police arm of the Bosnian Croat Croatian Defence Council, HVO.

"The current location of the Municipal Court in Mostar was particularly interesting and 'tricky', as that is a guarded facility, so memorialization is literally not possible and allowed by law," said Dalmir Miskovic, a member of the group told, BIRN BiH.

"But given that, as part of our initiative, we are only putting up non-permanent labels, we mustered out courage and put one up," he added.

The group, which includes Tamara Zrnovic, Cedomir Glavas, Amer Delic and Ajdin Kamber, have marked 76 sites in Bosnia and...

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