Protests on August 10 in several cities in Romania

Sibiu, Iasi, Brasov, Baia Mare, Constanta, Targu Mures, Bistrita, Galati are among the cities where people took to the streets on Saturday evening to express their discontent with the Government, with the fact that last year's incidents at the protests have not been elucidated and with the measures taken in the judiciary. * Over 2,000 protesters marched for three hours on the main boulevards in Sibiu, chanting anti-PSD (Social Democratic Party, major at rule, ed.n) slogans. For the first time, the protesters changed the route approved by the City Hall and refused to move further on Balea street, where the residence of President Klaus Iohannis is located. Asked by journalists why they would not walk in front of President Iohannis' house, the protesters said they did not want to politicize the protest. Some protesters claim that during the demonstration in Sibiu disagreements occurred regarding the route between National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union (USR) members and supporters. The protest in Sibiu was uneventful, according to the Gendarmerie. * Over 1,000 people came to the Unirii Square in Iasi to take part in the rally "We did not forget what you did last summer". Women with children, young people and elderly people supported the Bucharest diaspora rally, carrying the national flag, the flag of the European Union and the United States flag. The demonstration was peaceful. Some protesters had banners with messages such as "#resist against the system", "I #exist and I will not shut up", "Iasi says stop! We are tired of being led by criminals, offenders, mafioso, thugs, thieves, fools and illiterate people." Beside the statue of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, in the center of the square, several messages addressed to Romania's prime minister were displayed. "Madam Prime Minister Dancila, the Romanians in the diaspora do not ask you for an already-developed Romania, they only ask you to allow them to develop their country themselves!", "Madam Prime Minister Dancila, Romania also needs PSD, but a center-left PSD, not a far-left PSD, and a PSD with enlightened nationalists, not with cave nationalists! Bring your party in the 21st century! "," Prime Minister Dancila, give up the absurd changes of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code and ensure the independence of the SIIJ [the Justice Crime Investigation Section, ed.n.! Romania needs a balanced justice", were just some of the messages addressed to Prime Minister Dancila. * More than 200 people also gathered in downtown Brasov, then they marched on the boulevard of the Republic. The protest was held in silence, with no slogans being chanted. According to representatives of the County Inspectorate of the Brasov Gendarmerie, no incidents were recorded during the protest. * Almost 100 people showed up in the Revolution Square in Baia Mare, in solidarity with the protest in Bucharest. The majority was made up of Romanians on holiday from work abroad, but locals were also present. They displayed anti-government and anti-PSD slogans and discussed the country's economic-political situation and the necessary reforms. Some of the protesters voiced their dissatisfaction with the mayor of Baia Mare, Catalin Chereches, because he would block the economic development of the community, but also because the high-profile foreign investors, and also the local ones choose to move their investments to other ones towns in Transylvania. The president of the Maramures County Council, Gabriel Zetea, who also holds the position of president of the PSD Maramures, was also blamed for not being involved in the development of the county's localities and because the people from the villages do not have access to medical services. * Several dozen people came in front of the Constanta Prefecture, people being dissatisfied with the current government and the fact that no culprit was punished for the incidents since the protest of August 10, 2018. The protesters, some of them blowing vuvuzele, waved tricolor flags and banners with messages such as "Justice, not corruption", "Down with corruption!", the protest taking place without incidents. * About 60 people came, as of 19:00 hrs, to a protest organized in front of the Bistrita-Nasaud Prefect Institution by the "Civic Bistrita" Association, among them being the county leader of the PNL, Ioan Turc, alongside the secretary general of the branch. The protest was an authorized one. Most of those present waved tricolor flags and banners with critical messages against the Government: "We want a European government, not a Teleorman clan", "Go home, you arrogant people", "We do not want amnesty and pardon", "Corruption, incompetence and nepotism kill," "In democracy, thieves are in prison". Among the claims expressed by the president of the "Bistrita Civic" Association, Adrian Florin Chereji, were the depoliticization of public institutions, the relinquishment of employment based on kinship and the appointment of a European Commissioner by Romania on criteria of professionalism. Chereji was disappointed with the small number of participants in Saturday night's protest, so that the march initially announced on several streets of Bistrita was shortened. * Over 50 people gathered in the square from the Monument of the Heroes of the Revolution, located across the road from the headquarters of the Galati Prefecture, to mark a year since the protests organized by the diaspora. The protesters waived a national flag that wrote "Altruism - Honesty - Devotion - Acquisition - Moderation - Responsibility", but also other banners with messages: "Justice, the crying eyes demand to see you!", "The nation's slumber gives rise to monsters!" or "The corrupt and the criminals investigate judges and prosecutors". The event took place peacefully and in silence. * About 40 people protested in Targu Mures, one year after the anti-government protests of the diaspora on August 10, where the gendarmes intervened with force. "The solution can only come after a change of Government, but I hope we can point to something extraordinarily important, that we are with those who suffered last year in Bucharest, where the biggest atrocities occurred, in Targu Mures we know something like that did not occur. I think the most important thing is that the people in Bucharest, who participated in the harshly repressed protest, went out and showed that they did not forget what happened. Not because I want a revenge, but because the law was broken there and I did not see anyone paying for it," said one of the protesters from Targu Mures. Other protesters labeled the intervention of the gendarmes last year as a "massacre", and they expressed their dissatisfaction with the "10 August" file not being solved and with of those who gave orders for the brutal intervention on the protesters not being held accountable. AGERPRES (RO - authors: Isabela Paulescu, Daniela Malache, Diana Dumitru, Leontin Cupar, Nona Jalba, Tina Dumitrescu, Dan Paic, Dorina Matis, editor: Irina Poenaru; EN - author: Simona Iacob)

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