Borissov and Medvedev Discuss Belene NPP and Our Cooperation on Two eas

Project investor applications are accepted until August 19th, writes NOVA TV. 

Belene NPP and Bulgarian cooperation on two seas discussed Bulgarian and Russian Prime Ministers at a meeting. The two met during the First Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenistan.

The topic of the conversation between Boyko Borissov and Dmitry Medvedev was the possibility of realization of the project for the nuclear power plant, but under the conditions set by the Bulgarian side, the Council of Ministers announced. Applications for participation in this procedure for selecting a strategic investor for the project are accepted until 19 August. According to Prime Minister Borissov, there will be a need for generating capacity in the region to generate clean electricity at affordable prices, taking into account the increasingly ambitious targets for reducing emissions in all sectors of the economy. In this sense, Belene NPP could become exactly such an electricity source for the region, according to Borissov.

The possibilities offered to Russia and Bulgaria need to be discussed if the potential of the Black Sea and Caspian regions is combined, suggested by Dmitry Medvedev, quoted by TASS.

"Your visit here in the Caspian region proves what we have talked to you today that we can try to reconcile both the Black Sea dimension and the Caspian dimension, especially if it brings dividends to the countries and peoples in our countries," the Russian said.

Prime Minister Borissov noted that the region "has huge opportunities" and Bulgaria, located on the other side of the Black Sea, is "a kind of gateway to the European continent".

The Black Sea "must remain a sea of ​​peace, trade, tourism, transport links" provided by ferries, yachts and gas...

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