The African Swine Fever has Reached Sofia

The Bulgarian Food Safety Authority (BFSA) finds new cases of African swine fever in feral pigs. One of them is from a village 24 km away from Sofia.

It is about Zhelyava, which is located after the village of Yana and is next to the Hemus highway. Jelyava is part of the Kremikovtsi metropolitan municipality.

According to BFSA measures, all pigs should now be killed in the 20 km zone. It is expected that an order will be set up to form a committee and start bypassing the existence of live pigs that will be forcibly killed and buried.

Other reported cases of African swine fever are from the village of Bistrentsi in Ruse, the municipality of Devin and the village of Silistra in Varbino.

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