Upgrade and change - First Look at Geshev's Concept of Prosecutor General!

  • Responsibility, transparency and institutional predictability by informing citizens in a timely manner about the activities of the prosecution and investigative bodies, while respecting the law and respecting their rights and legitimate interests;
  • Guaranteeing the independence and impartiality of magistrates and court officials by improving working conditions, an objective and fair assessment of their qualities and the corresponding remuneration, incentives and forms for increasing their motivation;
  • Proactive inter-institutional and international interaction and information exchange;
  • Active support at the expert level of the legislative process;
  • Broad dialogue with representatives of the scientific community and civil society.

 These are the basic principles of the future activity in the concept of the only candidate for Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. Yesterday, he introduced his conception of prosecution management in the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), and today it is already available to anyone who wants to read it on the SJC's Bulgarian website under the heading "Prosecutor General Selection Procedure"

Upgrading and change are the two words that Geshev himself used to summarize his views on managing the prosecutor's office, which were gathered in 31 pages.

A significant part of them are dedicated to intentions to increase the efficiency of the State prosecution and to clean up its reputation to a structure that fights and protects justice and legality. "The judiciary, and in particular the PRB, is a debtor to Bulgarian society and can, and must, to do much to make up for the lack of fairness. The price for the so-called "Criminal transition" cannot and should not be paid only by ordinary...

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