NBA star launches smart basketball court in Ljubljana

Apart from being a successful athlete, the 33-year-old Miami Heat point guard is also known for his charitable activities through which he makes his contribution back to the local community.

"I would probably not be where I'm today without the court in Koseze," Dragić said before launching the modern open-air court, in a reference to the court in the Ljubljana borough where he grew up.

Dragić, aka Gogi, made Slovenian basketball history as the captain of the team that won the 2017 EuroBasket. The team included Luka Dončić, the 2018/19 NBA Rookie of the Year.

With the help of his partners, Gogi would like to bring kids and youths back to sports grounds so that like him once they grow old they can look back on fond memories playing with their friends.

After the renovation of the court in Tivoli, situated just above the tennis courts, Dragić's campaign...

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