Romanian Ornithological Society: Seven stork chickens nest, absolute record in 2019

White storks' counting in 2019 saw an absolute record - for the first time, a seven-chicken nest, located in the village of Horodnic de Sus, the County of Suceava (northeast), on Friday informs the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) in a release sent to AGERPRES. So far, says the communique, the SOR database recorded nests with six chickens, yet this is the first one with seven chickens. Such cases are extremely rare, only one being recorded last year in Bulgaria. The SOR specifies that the white storks' counting in Romania ended with 3,206 nests introduced with support of the "Uite, Barza!" / "Look, the Stork!" application. Besides, 2019 is the year that counts the highest number of nests reviewed with the said application: as many as 3,206 nests were recorded, yet only 2,788 were validated. Most of the stork nests this year were accounted in the counties of Suceava (230), Harghita (211), Calarasi (162), Constanta (160), Tulcea (139), Botosani (92), Timis (71), Ialomita (70). In 2019, the nest located at the lowest altitude - one meter above the sea level - is at Pardina, the southeastern County of Tulcea, whilst the highest located nest - 985 meters above the sea level - parks at Moldova-Sulita, the northeastern County of Suceava, the SOR release adds.AGERPRES(RO - author: Andreea Rotaru, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - author, editor: Maria Voican)

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