Unavoidable comparison

Elafonisos, Mount Hymettus, Evia: Within just a few days, three fires - with the latter being the most destructive - tested the adequacy, limits and endurance of the state apparatus, on issues ranging from firefighting to civil protection. 

Although the conditions were different, it is inevitable that we are drawn to compare the response to these recent wildfires to that during last year's deadly blaze in the resort town of Mati in eastern Attica, which could, and probably should, be codified in a manual on what should not be done in such cases. 

Natural disasters are and will always be one of the challenges that every government is called upon to manage. Every administration will either take credit for its foresight and effectiveness, or be criticized for things that were not done on time or correctly. 

There is, however, a sequence of priorities that should...

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