Huawei Introduced its Own Harmony Operating System

On Friday, Huawei unveiled its new Linux-based operating system, Harmony OS. The move comes after the Chinese tech giant was placed in May in the so-called. a "blacklist" of the United States, which threatens permission in the future to continue to use Google's Android operating system on its smartphones.

Huawei's own Harmony OS will be open source.

During a presentation at the world's largest technology conference in Dongguan, Huawei said its Hongmeng operating system (Harmony OS) will use a microkernel (the minimum size of software required for one OS), meaning all files and systems will be locked as there is no "master key" to the ht overall system like Android, Linux and Unix.

The company believes that its OS can receive the highest quality approval from the relevant regulatory authorities. All HTML, Linux and Android applications will be able to run on Harmony OS, according to Huawei.

Huawei also said it plans to create a "shared ecosystem" so that developers do not have to adapt their Apps applications to different devices, and in return this will be automatic.

The tech giant also introduces a "compiler" that supports all programming languages ​​and increases productivity by 60%. In addition, Huawei said the migration between Android and Harmony OS could take about two days.

Huawei Technologies wants to continue to use the Android operating system, said Richard Yu, CEO of the consumer device company, during a software developer conference in the southern city of Dongguan.

"However, if we cannot use it in the future, we can immediately switch to our Harmony OS," he noted, confirming that it could be done within two days.

Work on OS Harmony began two years ago, with Huawei indicating that the first...

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