Wildfire Raging in Southern Bulgaria: 120 Decares of Forest is Burning

Some 120 decares of the forest are burning near the town of Vetren, Pazardzhik region in southern Bulgaria on August 22. According to initial reports, the fire started from the landfill, and from there on dry grass and shrubs it was transferred to the nearby forest and engulfed a large area of it, reports BNT. 

Chief Commissioner Nikolai Nikolov, the Head of the directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population" explained that there was no danger to people. About 120 decares of forests and 80 decares of dry grass and shrubs have been engulfed by the fire. More than 85 people are battling the fire.

The fires in the village of Matochina near Svilengrad and the village of Kurtovo Konare have been brought under control, with no danger to the settlements in the area, said Commissioner Nikolov.

On August 22, firefighters extinguished over 84 fires. Yesterday, it was over 200.

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