PSD Congress/ Dancila:Romania should be led amongst the people, together with them,not every 5 years

Romania should be led amongst the people, together with them and not every five years, but every day, because the president is indebted to work for the country, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Saturday after being designated the Social Democratic Party's (PSD) candidate in the presidential elections. "I believe in the Social Democratic Party, in our force, in the strength that we have proved in the key-moments of our past. I know that we have this strength today and from now on. This is our essence! We adapt, we re-invent ourselves, fight and win, we win with the force and the strength which has carried us out over the past 30 years and which made us become the greatest and most powerful party in Romania. (...) This country cannot be led by from Cotroceni or the Government. Romania should be led amongst the people, together with them, next to them and not every five years, but every work day, because the president is indebted to work for the country, to try a deep transformation from the bottom, from the roots," Dancila stated at the meeting of the PSD's Extraordinary Congress. She added that she is and will always remain close to the people. "I believe in family, I believe in God, I believe in work and I believe in honor, I enormously believe in people, in the Romanian people (...) Everything I did and every decision I made both as a person and as a political function was to help mothers, children, young people, retirees. I am and will always stay close to the people. That's what I think is the purpose of the politician, that's what I think is the destiny of social democracy," Viorica Dancila stated. The PSD Chairperson argued that "a respectable president" doesn't go to the European Union to answer to others. "He goes to defend Romania, to build good relations with foreign officials and to represent the interest of his country. We showed, dear colleagues, that we can coordinate European projects of interest for Romania and we did well. Romania's Presidency at the Council of the European Union was a successful project, in which Romania proved its strong attachment to the European values and worked to strengthen the big European project. (...) Our country has succeeded in contributing to the advancement of the European agenda and the creation of opportunities for Romanians, and we will continue to do this when taking over Romania's Presidency, because this is our essence, we put our country and fellow nationals first. We have to carry out this fight against some political opponents who are increasingly determined to see us kneeling, weakened, disorganised and fragmented. We already know that they will take out all their weapons and attack us. We are aware, but we are also prepared. But, we cannot be defeated so easily as some people believe in all their arrogance, because we have what they were never able to have, because they never felt it - the closeness to the Romanians," Dancila mentioned. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Florea, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - editor: Rodica State)

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