UPDATE PSD Congress/ PSD's Dancila: I started a fight against criminality and I won't stop

Romania's Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila stated on Saturday after being designated the party's candidate in the presidential elections that she will "fight with all her strengths" in order to combat human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse. "I want security, order and law for my country, for every Romanian. I want a Romania in which no one should be afraid. The rule of law and the guarantee of the safety of every Romanian are immediate priorities for a stable and functional society. I started a fight against criminality and I will not stop. I promised drastic penalties for criminals, rapists and pedophiles and that's what I will do. I promised a reform of the MAI [the Interior Ministry], which is already happening (...) I will fight with all the strengths in order to combat human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse. I will fight for a safe Romania, in which the vulnerable ones won't become victims due to the system's vulnerability. My vision is that of a Romania where safety comes first and the law is roughen for any act that endangers the people's lives," Dancila mentioned. She added that the reforms in the healthcare system and education should be endorsed. In this regard, the PM underscored that quality medical services are needed, both in villages and cities, and "a modern educational act, capable to provide Romania" a young generation of professionals is necessary. "The reform in healthcare started with numerous investment projects to equip hospitals with high performance equipment and the increase of the medical staff's wages. I want for the doctors to remain in the country. I want a quality medical act for everyone. I want to know that Romanians can be treated here, in the country, that they are respected and cared for. I will give substance to the reform in education. We started by increasing the salaries of teachers, we built new nurseries and kindergartens, we modernised educational units, we brought European funds in order to increase the quality of higher education. We have developed dual education and carried out projects with national and European funding for students in difficult situations, but we need a genuine modernisation, stability in the system and the interruption of the endless cycle of reforms and visions. In Romania, education must make the leap to a modern system, a long-term vision and a coherent programme," the Prime Minister said. According to the PM, an economic growth "is pointless" if if doesn't bring welfare to all - more jobs, better wages, support for the disadvantaged categories, as well as a social inclusion strategy are necessary. "The Government that I lead has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, steadily increased pensions and continues to increase them as of 1 September. The minimum wage increased, the allowances for mothers and children and for persons with disabilities too. We have increased the subsidies for the reintegration of the unemployed on the labor market, and unemployment is now at a historical minim. We have increased the salaries of teachers, doctors, constructors and implemented national local development programmes for communities. I supported entrepreneurship and tourism. We made it better for all categories. Not perfect, not all of a sudden, but I am convinced that I have done good to people. We have to fight for a Romania in which no one is left behind," Dancila argued. AGERPRES (RO - author: Irinela Visan, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - editor: Rodica State)

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