Dancila thanks PSD colleagues after Congress: We showed everyone how united we are

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Social Democratic Party (PSD) President, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, says that the social-democrats have shown, at the extraordinary congress on Saturday, how united and resolved they are to win the next elections. "I thank my colleagues for the support shown so beautifully and energetically today, in the extraordinary Congress of the PSD! We showed everyone, once again, how united and determined we are to win these elections! We have shown that we understand our mission and that we remain close to people, we have shown that we have the courage to always assume more, to continue to do good to Romanians, to those like us, to those from whom we come," says Dancila, in a message posted late on Saturday night on her Facebook page. She adds that in the next election campaign she is not fighting against anyone. "I do not fight against anyone, but for each Romanian. I start this campaign with an unwavering faith in the destiny of this country, in people, in the desire of everyone to live better here, in their country!", says the PSD leader. Viorica Dancila, prime minister and president of the Social Democratic Party, was nominated on Saturday as the PSD candidate for presidential elections, in the extraordinary congress of the party. Those present voted unanimously for the designation of Viorica Dancila, the vote being expressed by raising hands. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Marius Fratila; EN - author/editor: Bogdan Gabaroi)

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