PMP National College: Theodor Paleologu, designated party's candidate for November's presidential elections

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Theodor Paleologu is the candidate of the People's Movement Party (PMP) in November's presidential elections, being voted unanimously on Sunday by the members of the party's National College, at the proposal of the honorary president of the PMP, MEP Traian Basescu. Also, Mihail Neamtu was validated as a spokesman for the party and the presidential campaign. "It is an important moment on the part of the PMP, the National College of the PMP unanimously nominated our brilliant professor and diplomat Theodor Paleologu our candidate for the position of President of Romania. After a spectator president, Romania needs an involved president, who knows what he wants for this country," said PMP leader Eugen Tomac. For his part, Paleologu said he accepted the PMP proposal, specifying that one of his major campaign themes will be education. "I considered it my duty to do this and I intend to make this election campaign something completely new, namely a huge pedagogical exercise at the whole nation level. There will be pro bono courses at national level and my conviction is that it all starts and ends with education, which is why education will be one of my big campaign themes. I think it is shameful that two former teachers are unable to speak without notes. They read bad texts, written by bad advisors,'' said Paleologu. He added that he has all the necessary qualities to "truly" coordinate the country's foreign policy, as a diplomat and a man who lived 19 years outside the country. "I think I can make a difference, and for a country like Romania, foreign policy is absolutely vital. There can be no good domestic policy without a good foreign policy, made by people who really know the area. It is unacceptable for embassies to be unoccupied for years. It is the fault of the Government and of the president", appreciated Paleologu. AGERPRES (RO - author: Sorin Penes, editor: Antonia Nita; EN - author/editor: Bogdan Gabaroi)

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