The Decline of Tourists in Bulgaria in June was Nearly 100,000

The decline of tourists in Bulgaria in June was nearly 100,000 - about 55,000 on the South Black Sea coast and about 44,000 on the North, but the season is stable.

This was stated in Varna by Rumen Draganov, director of the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in Tourism. According to him, the situation was predictable because of the return of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia to the tourist market.

The 69th Scientific Conference of the International Association of Scientific Experts on Tourism is held in Varna.

Rumen Draganov also commented on the idea of ​​the government to finance a charter flight program:

"The big threat is that the money will not go to the intended destination or be wasted, respectively. It has to be seen exactly what the state wants, since the Minister of Tourism has repeatedly said that tourism is 100% private. It means that the state is running away from responsibility for its property, by constitution it is archeological monuments, the whole beach, the wonders of nature'', comments Draganov.

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