7 Lifelong Learning Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs


Every great entrepreneur knows that you never stop learning and every business endeavour is an opportunity for a new educational experience. Still, the vast majority of business owners and employees will only dedicate a relatively small portion of their lives to their formal education, after which they'd prefer to use their free time for tasks that aren't directly related to learning. However, academic research has shown a higher rate of financial success for graduates who pursue additional education beyond their primary degree.

Since you're going to be learning something new everyday for the rest of your life, you might as well make sure you're gaining knowledge and skills that help you launch and manage more profitable businesses. Unfortunately, many creative entrepreneurs are stifled by their own desire to create "in the now" instead of investing in their future creativity through extended learning efforts. With that said, here are 7 lifelong learning tips you can use to advance your career and finances as a creative entrepreneur:

1. Get a Degree in Accounting

The first time you scale a business up to the point where keeping track of the company's finances become a job in and of itself, you'll learn that having one or more designated accountants is on standby is just part of doing business on a high level. While it might seem like outsourcing this job is an ideal course of action anyway, as a creative entrepreneur you can benefit from the skills obtained through an accounting degree program because you'll learn a plethora of advanced budgeting, bookkeeping, and business planning techniques. Thus, pursuing an online masters in accounting is one of the most actionable and advantageous steps you can take to safeguard and optimize your...

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