Joseph Borell: EU Should Become Part of G3

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that we live in a multipolar world dominated by two great powers - the United States and China, which he he called "a world of G2". According to Borell, the European Union must establish itself as a third force.

He said at the Bled Strategic Forum that a more stable world needed a third world power and that Europe was the only one with capacity, knowledge and strength.

Borell added, however, that this is only possible if we have a united Europe, which, according to him, is not currently available.

Borrell was nominated as the new head of European diplomacy. He pointed out that we live in a global world and that the EU must survive in it.

"So far, we have not been able to bring a global player to the world stage," Borell said.

Asked about EU-Turkey relations, he said that not only the enlargement of the Union is important, but also for its members to unite.

He added that the rule earlier was "the bigger we are, the stronger we are, but it turned out that this is not the case," "There is a need for cohesion and a common understanding of the world," Borell explained, adding that the EU could be a model for the successful sharing of sovereignty and capacity.

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