Aegean violations continue as Akar flight report refuted

As Turkish jets continued to violate Greek air space over the Aegean Tuesday, Greek defense sources played down reports that Turkey's Defense Minister Hulusi Akar flew over the Aegean Sea in a jet trainer.
A formation of six Turkish aircraft carried out 25 violations of Greek air space in the northeastern and central Aegean while there was one mock dogfight between Greek and Turkish jets.
Earlier, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported that Akar had flown over the Aegean in a T-38 jet to inaugurate the 2019-20 flight training year of the Izmir Air Force Base.

He was quoted as saying that Turkey "would not allow any fait accompli" in the Eastern Mediterranean, referring to tensions with Greece and Cyprus over Ankara's exploration for natural gas deposits.
Greek defense sources noted that the flight had been over the Gulf of Izmir and had not violated Greek air...

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